Manhood vs Womanhood and the Precarious Dependence On Social Proof

Weekly Roundup

Is it our culture or our genetics that’s to blame for the questionable ethics behind men’s actions at least when it comes to competition?


5 great finds from around the web

Weekly Roundup

Every week I’ll present a list of interesting things I’ve found.  This list will include stuff to read, stuff to nom, stuff to make, and stuff to take with you.

  1. Not Nothing – The death of a fly is utterly insignificant – or it’s a catastrophe. How much should we worry about what we squash?
  2. Going on a cross-country roadtrip? – How to Spend 47 Hours on a Train and Not Go Crazy
  3. Simple DIY Shoe Storage – An easy way to keep track of your shoe collection and keep your closet neat.
  4. Fluffernutter marshmallows! – Marshmallows filled with peanut butter.  What else is there to say?
  5. Caramel Pecan Pie Bars – It’s fall! And that means rich gooey sweets with lots and lots of butter.