Loving My Dead People Day aka Dia de Los Muertos


strangely becoming

He shrugged. ‘You don’t care.’

He was so matter-of-fact, so completely unperturbed. He was our best friend, who’d returned to college from a holiday a few days late – the only reason we knew his mother had died.  And when we asked in dismay why he hadn’t told us she was even sick, we got his dispassionate answer.

Dining: Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos

Some kind of pride has always made it hard to admit that there’s a certain truth to what he said. I do care about the pain of the living. I care about their heart ache, their grief. I care very much about their healing and how their future will look to them without someone they love.

But what about those dead people – people I didn’t know?

I’ve got some dead people I loved deeply, truly and dearly and I don’t expect anyone else to care about them. I do wish you knew them…

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